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Re: [IP] thyroid and oops

I recently had two thyroid surgeries myself. The first one was because they 
found a growth on the right side of my thyroid. So they removed it. A week 
later I was back in for a second operation, as the growth was cancerous. 
So if the doctor wants to take your thyroid out its probably a good idea. I'm 
fine now, but if I had left the thyroid, who knows what would have happened? 


In a message dated 19/01/00 10:11:41 AUS Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Hello again to all,
 I have gotten two responses to my questions for advice, and I must
 apologize, I did not clearly state why my DR. wanted to remove it.  I have a
 normal thyroid, not hypo or hyper (if only diabetes was this easy!), but it
 has nodules on it, more so on the left side than the right.  I still see no
 reason to remove it, they aren't busting out my throat or anything
 disgusting!  <vbg> (Sorry, couldn't resist.  Its this insane sick humor we
 have as diabetics) :) >>
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