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[IP] RE: Elissa and thyroid

Thank you Judy ever so much for the information.  Doc's assistant said the
scan would help detect any nodules (if present).  If things look hinky we'll
start therapy for hyperthyroidism.  I also belong to another diabetes
related list serv, and have rec'd NUMEROUS replies that people have had a
tough time getting their thyroids treated, and that it has taken a bare
minimum of three to six months to feel as good as a half dead human being
rather than a pretty much WHOLE dead human being...lol.  I only say that
because I am so lethargic, tired, cranky, and could at times care less about
anything going on  - which is a complete opposite of my old self.  I find it
odd that I could be so tired, yet always keep moving - shaking my foot up
and down, or having short bursts of energy.  Yesterday I had a pretty good
burst of energy, but my hands trembled terribly during it - and I was so
tired by the time I was done with the walk I took that I laid on the couch
for the rest of the evening, still shaking my foot.  But, I guess half dead
is better than all dead....hehehehehheeee.....I'm totally fatigued right
now, but I know I won't get more than a couple hours of sleep as usual and
I'm still shaking my foot!!!  :)

I won't be giving myself my Lente tomorrow morning.  I'll test before I
drive down, and I think it will be okay to eat a glucose tab or two if
needed, but all should be well.  I unfortunately don't  have anyone to drive
me down, but I decided to take a safer course of the following:  drive the
50 miles to Omak, take the iodine, test my sugar, eat if I have to, or not
if I don't.  I'm then driving the remainder of my trip to Wenatchee where
the scan is being done Friday morning, but I will stay the night at a motel
so I won't be driving so much in a two day period ( I would have driven to
and from Omak tomorrow, and then to Wenatchee and back on Friday.  Not gonna
happen that way).  I'm pretty safe when I drive distances anyway - I always
keep an ample supply of crackers and gluco tabs ready, and I pull to the
side of the road to test periodically, so things will be fine. It sounds
like things are well on their way to being taken care of with Elissa's
problem and I hope things continue that way for her.  Wish me luck - - -

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