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[IP] All Endos are Not Equal

Feel a need to vent! Short but sweet!
When Kap was first dxd - 2nd vist - I had my questions wrote down. Didnt want 
to waste his time or mine.  I went to ask them. He told me
"No questions" - just listen - so I did!
Several conversations over the telephone - he went back on his orginal words.
So I was very confussed!
Next Visit - again - I was told no questions.
He laughed and said - 
"We consider the visit as a social get together and lets get to know one 
I loudly told him - if I wanted to socialize I would - But I am paying for 
this visit and I want answers.  So be ready w/ answers to my questions the 
next visit then we would socialize.  I tore my sheet off, handed it to him 
and walked out with Kap.
Kap was dxd 8/26/98 - we had no formal training - Yet - 3 months later he was 
still dropping low - daily - sometimes hourly.
Lucky, our insurance changed - therefore endos changed.
I wonder if he is still sitting there w/ my questions with answers to them.

Everything is wonderful now!
Great Endo - She works Magic - sheer Magic.
Kap is Pumping Insulin today 1/19/00
What I went through w/ Kap - and what Kap went through is nothing to what 
others have that have been dxd in the 50s, 60s 70s and 80s.  And that thought 
is what got me through the streesful times. 
Thanks for Listening!
Mom to Kap - age 9 and pumping
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