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Re: [IP] 2pm lows

Robin and other Pumpers,
    I'll let everyone else with more experience adjusting basals to advise
you about Kevin's two low times.  However, as a boy who grew up dealing with
Diabetes all through elementary school and beyond, I was wondering why
Kevin leaves the room when he is low at 2pm?  I never left class for low
bloodsugar, and my mother and I felt it was very important not to.  We
always thought the best thing was to be open and not hide any aspect of my
Diabetes.  Some schools, some teachers, do not appreciate this openness so
much.  Some make it more challenging than others.  Also, some diabetics are
not so comfortable with such openness.  I ate COUNTLESS glucose tablets,
sugar cubes, crackers, and Starbursts in my years and years of school and
low bloodsugars!  If the school gives you a hard time about "disruption,"
don't take it!!  A little "crunch crunch" never bothers anyone, trust me.
My mom and/or doctor wrote a letter to each new teacher each year.  Then,
explaining Diabetes to all my friends, I also gave a class presentation
about Diabetes, in later years (after 6th grade) I even demonstrated
blood-tests (which I also often did in the middle of class) and injections
(saline solution).  Since all of my classmates were told and explained about
Diabetes from the beginning, merely eating in class occasionally to correct
a burdensom low bloodsugar was NOT disruptive or a problem.  I apologize if
this email is out of line since I wrote it BEFORE hearing back from you as
to my question regarding as to why Kevin leaves the room when he's low.
Otherwise, I hope it helps someone on thelist.  For all those kids out
just my opinion and my experience, being OPEN and HONEST is always the best
solution!  When you don't fear Diabetes and others knowing about it, then
things go A LOT smoother.  People react to you and your Diabetes the way you
react to you and your Diabetes.  If you want others to accept you and be
comfortable, you have to work on accepting yourself and make every effort
you can to convey this comfort level to others.  Good luck.

ciao, Brian

ps.  btw (by the way), if all the other students are more comfortable and
educated about your disease, then they are more apt to help you in the case
of an emergency or sticky situation; oh, and also :)  by the time i was in
high school, some high school teachers just let everyone eat in class
whenever they wanted- guess i was changing systems even at a young age huh?
we diabetics have to be sooo responsible at such a young age, it's the LEAST
schools can do

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