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Re: [IP] Belly Basals vs "Butt" basals???


I notice a difference when I've got my set inserted in my butt. The bolus 
seems to take longer to "kick in", and it seems my basals are slightly off 
as well. This seems logical, since the infusion site is farther away from 
the abdominal area, which is generally accepted as the optimal location for 
your sets.

Since there seems to be a pattern to this, I just bolus with a bit more 
lead time. I don't bother adjusting basal rates, just make corrections when 

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

Renee wrote:

>Greetings all:
>     How's that for a "catchy" subject line???? Melissa actually ASKED me to
>pose a question to you experts: Has anyone noticed a distinct difference in
>how well your basals seem to work depending on whether or not you've inserted
>in the "front or back" of the body??? I've been nagging her to re-do her
>basal fasts since she returned to school, but she switched to her stomach
>again & suddenly her bgs are fine again???? Coincidence???? Full moon?
>Glucose Gremlins???

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