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[IP] 2pm lows

Kevin has been struggling with 2pm lows. We have tried so many different 
things to change this. We recently increased his meal bolus from 12:1 to 15:1 
and lowered his afternoon basals...and are still getting the 2pm lows. We 
calculated his school lunch meal over and over and come up with the correct # 
of carbs...but still have the lows. We are at a loss for what to do. 
Thankfully, his 2pm teacher is very sweet and doesnt have a problem with 
Kevin leaving each day. (I would have a problem if SHE had a problem)  

What are we missing. We faxed his doc  who agreed with our changes. (to 15:1) 

Our other hard time is between 10pm and 3 am. WE are up more than the average 
bears! Seems like he drops gracefully, but surely from 9-2 and then starts a 
small increase to 6am. We have lowered that basals several times and have 
even tried a FREEBIE snack at bedtime...We are currently at .2 and .3 flip 
flopping each hour in hopes of changing this too. 

All the other times are perfect! I guess I should add that Kevin has grown a 
inch and lost a pound in the last month! I know hormones are kicked in. AND 
he started on this Adderall meds for ADHD that I feel are contributing.

Just mouthing off...looking for any suggestions.


mom of kevin,11
dx 12/98
pumping 8 months
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