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Re: [IP] Hospital stay to start on Pump

>It's okay to disagree. That's why it's great living in America! Yes, 3 days
>in the hospital seems long and yes, a hospital stay is not for everyone, but
>it's an option for those who need it. Remember when you were a new pump
>user? Like most of us, you probably had a million questions. What better
>place to get a quick and correct answer? Doctor's, nurses, dieticians,
>physical therapists all waiting to serve. Where else can you get such good
>P.S., I didn't have a choice, my doctor requires a 2 day stay!

	I had no hospital stay, no test run on saline. About three hours of
initial training with CDE, pump rep and nutritionist. A half-dozen
follow-up visits. Calls daily the first week to the CDE, tapering off.
	Now, I had read *everything* I could find before getting hooked up,
including Pumping Insulin, all the Disetronic instruction books a couple of
times, everything I could find on the Web. And I've been carb counting for
years. Had I not done my homework, I can't imagine what the first day would
have been like. But I went to work that afternoon.
	I think a hospital stay would have driven me nuts. And I can't
imagine using saline and having to give the insulin shots, too. This worked
for me, but the Iron Law of Pumping (gas or insulin) holds: YMMV!

Jeffrey Weiss
email @ redacted
Dallas, TX

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