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Dear Insulin Pumpers,
    I want to thank all of you who have written and given support and
advice.  I've had some tougher times these past two months with moving and
being unemployed and uninsured.  THINGS ARE TURNING AROUND!  Thank you all
so so much!  Some of you are giving me information about Insurance
plans/companies in Norhern California.  Thank you!  Some of you have written
and shared about similar experiences, especially other college or
recently-college students.  Thank you!  I'm not alone.  That goes for all of
you- it's been so empowering to read about others who share experiences.
    To SARA, a particular THANKS!  When I got back into town the day you
wrote, I was at a particular down.  Thank you so much for your message
(psst, how do YOU know I didn't indeed want you all to "bare" with me?!
tee-hee :)  I confess, I even cried when I read it... OK, so Yes, men DO
cry, and Yes, I even believe we have our own "cycles"! (especially diabetic
men!)  And finally, a very special THANK YOU to Sherry, who is an absolute
ANGEL!  Thank you sooo much for your help Sherry, the sets will keep me
pump'n a few more weeks or month!  Thanks!
    For everyone else, if you're interested to know...  I got the job I
really wanted!  On MOnday, they called me to tell me the official offer is
in the works etc.  I'M SO EXCITED!!  I'll be a Field Ombudsman, which is an
advocate for the institutionalized (primarily nursing homes).  So I did not
have to start working at that other job on Tuesday.  I can't wait!!  I spent
the weekend in the BAy Area, saw some friends I haven't seen for a couple
years, saw my cousin in Santa Cruz and met her roommate who is both gay AND
diabetic (been wanting to mee another guy with that combo for a long time),
and started checking out rooms/apartments in San Jose.  I'm finally back on
track.  I feel better, I have goals and motivation.  Now, the bg's on the
other hand... now, after weeks of highs are low...  Just recovered from 47
an hour ago, still feel yucky.  Oh well, I'm on track, once I get more
settled, then I'll do better with that, AND perhaps even see a doctor.  Btw,
don't know yet when the medical will start with the new job.  Take care
email @ redacted

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