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Re: [IP] MM and disetronic..warranties

>because the company PROGRAMS the batteries
>to die after i think 30 months..and each of teh D
>pumps has a 2 yr warranty, so NO longer...4 yrs
>total..BUT once you use the pump, the warranty starts,
>so if you switch between each of the 2 pumps, you will
>NOT get 4 yrs total....

No offence But need a little more research on the D pump.  The Batteries 
are the SAME as the MM (ever ready 357s) but they are in a special case 
that keeps them waterproof.  True they have a warranty on each pump for 2 
years and i have Got almost 5 years out of my 2.  The reason for the pump 
as you say  "die" after 2 years is for Safety reasons. After the 2 years 
you must send the pump in for a physical  just to make sure that it is 
working good and to make sure that no flaws have formed over the past 2 
years.  The reason for this is because in the early 80s their were 
"concerns" because of the quality and safety issues of how the other 
companies offered maintenance and upkeep stuff.  Having the pump require 
you to send it back to them is a Matter of SAFETY only and does not cost 
the pumper anything for the required check up.

And the warranty ONLY starts and keeps going when the batteries are in the 
pump. so you WILL get a 2 year operation out of each pump before you must 
send it to the company for the check up.  So if you but the batteries in 
the pump in Jan and take them out and leave them out in June and go to your 
other pump.  the First pump will still have a year and a half of warranty 
no matter how long you have it.  the warranty is only in effect when the 
batteries are in it.

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