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[IP] Disetronic warranty-several corrections

>heard of several MM users get more than 10 yrs from their pump...NEVER heard >of a D last that long,

I think you are wrong here and I am guessing we will hear from several D
owners who have used their pumps many years.

>NEVER heard of a D last that long, because the company PROGRAMS the batteries
>to die after i think 30 months

It is not possible to program the batteries to die. The PUMPS are
programed to turn off at 30 months so they can be sent in for a safety
checkup. At that time, if everything is still operating safely, they
will set it to run for another 30 months and send it back to you. As
long as it keeps passing safety inspections, you can keep using it.

>BUT once you use the pump, the warranty starts, so if you switch between each >of the 2 pumps, you will NOT get 4 yrs total

Sorry, that is not how it works. You get 30 months of RUNNING TIME on
each pump. That means time that the batteries are in the pump running
it. If I use a pump for 1 day now, then take the batteries out and don't
use it again for 6 years, it will still have 29 months and (about) 30
days of running time left on the warranty. So you can actually make your
warranty last much longer than 4 years. Use one pump forever and ever
until it fails a safety inspection, then start using the other pump.

I suggest that we all please comment only the pump(s) with which we are
familiar and not spread information which we do not know to be true. If
you hear information from one pump rep about the other company's
product, please do not assume it to be correct.
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