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[IP] RE: Those @#$% Insurance Companies!

For our military HMO to pay, I have to require transportation by an
ambulance or be unconscious upon delivery at the hospital.  Otherwise, they
figure I can transport myself to a military hospital. Once there, I better
be able to prove it is an emergency by their standards - unbearable pain or
deathly ill.  Needing to do a blood test would not qualify.  And I would not
want to get so high I'd be ill just to prove a point.

I worked my way up the chain of command to get the number of strips I needed
(the pharmacy would only give me one box because that's what was frozen in
the computer as a normal one month supply for diabetics).  Prescriptions had
to read "to be used 10-12 times a day" rather than "as directed".  And I had
to explain why that number of tests was needed.  That's where the letter
from my doctor stating "to avoid repetitive hospitalizations due to
hypoglycemic unawareness" had the most effect.

Keep at it - some times you win.

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