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[IP] Hospital Stay to use Pump

In a message dated 01/19/2000 2:09:22 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 Yes, a hospital stay overnight was required of me too.  Took my "Pumping
 Insulin" book and got through the whole thing.  Saw my Doc twice, my CDE
 twice, and had sessions with a nutritionist/dietician.  Although I was
 "worried" about starting on the pump, that overnight was worth every
 minute!!!  Took notes, got handouts, studied everything!  OK, I'm a
Funny but my experience in the hospital was entirely different.  I brought my 
own supplies, insulin, One Touch w/strips, and Sofsets w/inserter.  MM 
provided a nurse for a few hours in the day and she was the one that watched 
me insert and watched me take my bg's.  The nurses all came in and were in 
awe as they had never seen an insulin pump.  They did test my bg's every two 
hours all night.  The endo gave me the basals and I programmed the pump w/MM 
nurse.  I was very uncomfortable in the hospital as it was freezing.  Had 
trouble sleeping.  Opted to leave the next day and do my own testing at home. 
  Oh, I did see a nutritionist who gave me a diabetic diet.  She did not know 
that much about counting carbs.  Told me I had to eat at the same time every 
day etc.  I explained it was different with the pump so she gave me 2 
pamphlets that had general carb counts.
PS  Did have at home training from MM before hospital stay.
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