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[IP] MM and disetronic..warranties

Actually, unless it's changed since June of 1999--
 MM has a 4 yr warranty but the motor is guaranteed
for life..i have heard of several MM users get more
than 10 yrs from their pump...NEVER heard of a D last
that long, because the company PROGRAMS the batteries
to die after i think 30 months..and each of teh D
pumps has a 2 yr warranty, so NO longer...4 yrs
total..BUT once you use the pump, the warranty starts,
so if you switch between each of the 2 pumps, you will
NOT get 4 yrs total....
 Long debate over warranties b4 I chose companies,a nd
a lot of talking with the manufacturers..I chose MM
and one big thing was if I ever got in an insurance
bind (like when my 4 yrs is up i'll be in college and
say insurnace sucks, I don't want to have a pump which
is programmed to die on me...)
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