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[IP] Disetronic or MM - Your choice

<< One VERY IMPORTANT point that I understood is that while MM life is about 
 years, Disetronic pump last for a limited period of time (max 6 to 8 years)
 then  must be replaced. >> someone has misunderstood

Hardest Part may be determining which infusion set is for you.

Get the FACTS!
Warranty on MM is 5 years - if I am wrong don't correct me - find out for 
yourself - read the info.
Warranty on Disetronic each pump has 4 years warranty - 
therefore total of 8 years under a warranty.  Warranty is determined by 
actual time the battery is in the pump.  

Never the less - after warranty you pay to have pump rebuilt. either pump
When making your choice - make it on what you feel will suit your needs the 
Both pumps pump insulin - 
Both have a warranties
Both companies have sales Reps - some are pushy and will use scare tacticts 
and some reps are fact driven.
Insulin pumpers are loyal to their pumps - some more than others.
Personal note - a rep from another state - emailed me after reading 1 of my 
post and used a scarey tact against the other companies pump.
Never mind which company - It was the person writing the e-mail and she was 
reported to the company.
Both pumps will need to be rebuilt after time.  Some sooner than others - 
Miles on pump will depend on how much and how often u push those buttons.
Everything wears out with use.  Both pumps will wear out since they are 
Now, I choose Kap's Disetronic pump for 3 reasons:
1.  Water Tight - He will stay in the pool during ther summer.
2.  Ease of Use - No whistles and bells - MM is easy to use as well (my 
sis-in-law has MM)
3.  Endo likes it also.
4.  Kap is a boy -- all boy - too much boy sometimes -I like having a 2nd 
MM and Disetronic infusion sets can be used with either pump - 
and we use MM micros and Disetronics Tenders. Sils is just like Tenders
Both companies are easy to deal with - now Insurance is another subject.
Don't rely on sales reps - they may come and go with time.
Do your own homework - you will be the one wearing it.
Thanks for Listening to my 2cents worth.
Mom to Kap - age 9

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