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Re: Fwd: [IP] RE: Thyroid

I am going to ask if anyonehere hashad a nuclear imaging scan done on their

Elissa had radioactive iodine treatment (RAI) in December of 1997, after two frustrating, unsuccessful years of trying to treat her hyperthyroidism with medication.

If I remember correctly, the initial dose of RAI & scan is to determine the size of the thyroid gland & estimate as closely as possible the correct dose to administer.  The goal is to have some remaining functioning thyroid tisssue left so as not to end up hypothyroid.  This is a "guestimate"at best. 

I'malsowondering if any of you could tell me when I could expect results fromit.
I'm looking forward to getting it taken care of so I can feel like my
oldself again!!!

In Elissa's case, we began to see some results 2-3 months later; however, it can take up to a year or more to achieve a complete effect.  Elissa has ended up hypothyroid & is now taking Synthyroid as a supplement.  However, she feels much better now.  She was really miserable when she had all her hyperthyroid symptoms.

I can't remember the reason for fasting, unless it's because they want the radioactive capsule to absorb from the stomach as quickly as possible.  Perhaps you could omit your AM intermediate-acting insulin, check your bg's every 1-2 hours, & give injections of H or R.  I would certainly suggest you find someone to drive you.

Good Luck,

Judy Premerlani (Mom of Elissa, age 18, pumping 15 years)


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