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Re: [IP] Hospital stay to start on Pump

>I think a hospital stay for a couple of days is the way to go.  Your
>hospital stay should include visits from your doctor, a dietician, a
>physical therapist and, hopefully, a nurse specializing in diabetes. It
>gives you a chance to set your basal and bolus rates in a 'safe


My endo had me do a 3-day hospital stay, & I would not have wanted it done
any other way!!  No, the hospital probably does not mimic what your regular
daily schedule would be...but it DOES provide you with all the resources you
should need, support personel around the clock, & balanced meals that are
healthy & pre-carbo-counted for you, so that you can concentrate on the ins
& outs of learning what for many is a very new process!  I was much less
nervous than I believe I would have been if I'd done a startup at home, with
the phone ringing, people at the door, pets to feed, meals to prepare, & the
thousand little day-to-day responsibilities to maintain, on top of trying to
learn the technical aspects of pumping, carbo counting (that was new to me &
is still a challenge), etc.  Instead, I had a quiet, peaceful atmosphere to
learn in, supportive staff on hand at a moment's notice to respond to my
questions or concerns, & instant access to medical expertise if needed.  I
had visits from a dietician, a CDE, a nurse who is not a pumper but is VERY
well-controlled on MDI (marathon runner who travels the world...one of the
most inspirational speakers I've ever had the privelege of sharing
conversation with!), my endo twice daily (& he called in between), a
physical trainer to discuss exercise programs, & my pump trainer.  My endo
had me take my Disetronic videos that came with my startup supplies, & the
media center director there brought a VCR to my room so I could watch them
to my heart's content.

I know opinions differ as far as the need for hospital time to startup...but
I know mine was incredibly smooth & easy, & I credit that to my endo's
practice of doing pumpstarts in the hospital.  Thanks, Doc!!


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