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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #833

My 2 cents - I don't believe a hospital stay is necessary for the "average" 
pump starter.  I had only researched pumps on the web 4 years ago.  Reading 
about MM and D pumps, chose MM, and only knew what their web pages told me. 
 This was BIP (before insulin pumpers).

 I live 90 miles (one way)from the endo so when I started I was asked to 
bring someone with me (my daughter).  We spent about two hours with the 
educator.  I practiced inserting (with soft set) changing basals, stopping, 
starting, etc., until the educator was satisfied I could do it.  My 
daughter actually remembered all the step better than I did.  I used the 
short "cheat sheet" a lot in the first few weeks.

Two days later I went back to change the set with educator and ask any 
questions, did this again three days later.  Then one more trip the next 
week.  Things were going well, so I didn't see educator for another month, 
then quarterly.  The educator had given me her home number, her pager, her 
cell phone, etc., so I felt comfortable that someone was there for me.  I 
did all the normal things, went to work, went shopping, went out to lunch, 
etc.  Sure I had some highs and lows, but no problems that a phone call 
couldn't handle.

So, a hospital stay would have been a waste of lot of time and money.  Most 
of the pumpers on this web seem intelligent enough to handle it.  I would 
certainly ask the endo to reconsider and try it on outpatient basis.   But 
only if you are comfortable with that.  I was.  However, as always, it's 
just my opinion

I do remember sleeping that night holding on to my pump so I would know if 
it stopped "ticking".  It didn't and hasn't yet.

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