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[IP] tummy vs. bottom

TUMMY vs. BOTTOM One of the main reasons we decided to try the pump for
our son Andrew, almost 5, was that he was wanting to use his tummy for
shots exclusively! (Very much a creature of habit!) He was dx at 14 mo.
and we used all the areas but his tummy had the best/most predictable
absorption. By 4 yrs. he was up to 4 shots a day and as you can imagine
we HAD to use the arms/legs and hips as well but he was miserable. (We
did use the Medijector Needless syringe successfully (in all sites) for 4
months prior to pumping.)

When we started pumping he again wanted only the tummy. After the 2nd
month we started to have problems with highs. I'm sure it had to to w/
excessive use/scar tissue etc. We "slowly" made our way around to his
upper bottom and have had GREAT success. (Several lows to start w/ tho')
Now he loves the bottom! We'll have to start heading back to the tummy
soon since he is only 5 and there is just not much fat anywhere on him!

Is there any info. on how long (if at all) it might take for an area to
recover from excessive use? I'm hoping 2 or 3 mos.

HOSPITAL STAY Our Endo did require that Andrew spend 24 hours in the
hospital to start the basal. I have to admit that I knew far more the all
the nurses/dietitions on at the time and did all of his carb. counting
and boluses myself. The Dr came by 2 times and our CDE came to train 2 or
3 times and was always available. I could have easily done this at home
especially since a "healthy/active" 4 yr old in the hospital was not
quite the joy you'd think! : ) BUT, it did force me to pay attention to
him exclusively and I probably would not have had that luxury with a 1 yr
old at home. For an adult, I would think it would be much easier to set a
basal while maintaining a normal schedule. Just my .02

Cari (mom of Andrew, almost 5, dx @ 14 mo, pumping 5 mo.)

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