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RE: [IP] Re: dual or square wave for chinese food??

>i'm very confused.  i have only been on the pump for four days but was 
>wondering if those of you who eat mexican or chinese use the dual wave or
>square when eating out? also, just to make you smile, i was at the
dietitian's today - 
First, I usually just do a dual.  I do my estimation of all the carbs up
front take then "now" and then for the "square" do approx 2.0u over 4 hrs.
(I have a 1:10 carb ratio so think like 20g).  This is for all the hidden
stuff I don't see.  Usually this works for me.  Sometimes I correct at 3hrs.
Sometimes I cut off the square because it is too much but usually it is just
right.  However, YMMV. :) 

>i've been 
>diabetic for 30 years, and i needed to give insulin.  right as i put the 
>needle in my arm, she said, "aren't you on the pump?"

I knew I would probably do this so I hid my needles so that it would take
quite an effort to draw up insulin and thus would remind me. :)  I do carry
one with me in a separate compartment from my insulin so that I can inject
if my bg goes too high.  

best of luck,
I've been pumping almost 2 mos. today.
I named mine Patience.
She was trying me today. :)  But other then that it has been excellent.

-- Sherry
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