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[IP] Re:Belly Basals vs "Butt" basals???

Renee and Melissa,

As a recent convert to the butt/thigh area for sites, I can only offer my own experience.  Historically, I have needed a fairly large bolus or an increased temp. basal rate to avoid highs after changing a set.  When I switched to Humalog, that decreased, but I still needed a little extra to keep me on an even keel.  When I used the first hip site last week, I took only 1/2 unit extra, so I could see what would happen and because it was before bed (I know, I know.  No lectures.)  It dropped me like a bomb!  I woke up quite low and with a lesson well learned.  The past 2 site changes, I have not taken any extra insulin and have been just fine.  If anything, I seem to have better absorption in the butt/hip area.  I wonder if that may be
because my poor belly has been used exclusively for 4 years and is a bit scarred.  I'll report back when I switch again. . .


> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Belly Basals vs "Butt" basals???
> Has anyone noticed a distinct difference in
> how well your basals seem to work depending on whether or not you've inserted
> in the "front or back" of the body???

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