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[IP] Re: Record keeping -- and fats

THANK YOU, Bonnie! You're absolutely right about those 9-10 p.m. fats and
their sneaky effects overnight. Best to snack on pure carbs (pretzels, for
eg) in the evening -- carbs you can count, and no fat.


Subject: [IP] Record Keeping

Just wanted to mention how important recordkeeping is to me.  I test at one
location in my home and have a "dairy" there.   At work, I test by my
daytimer and record there entering food and bgs.  I have my own shorthand
and the writing is messy, sometimes the dairy even has blood stains on it,
you know how it is.  AND, without that diary, having so many of my memory
chips disappearing daily, I could not remember what I was doing.  The diary
helps me understand why my wake up bg is 178, (I ate low fat B&J's ice
cream with 1 heaping tablespoon of fat peanut butter on top at bedtime).
 It has taken me a while to figure out that what I eat at 9-10 pm ALWAYS
effects my wake up bg, no matter what I bolus.   So, I am doing 2 things,
trying not to eat anything with FAT in it, even "lo fat" (do you think they
lie on the packages sometime?) at bedtime, and testing around 3 am when I
usually get up to go to the bathroom.  If I need a bolus then I do it and
am always around 80 at wake up.  Raising my basals or doing square wave
seems to make me too low in the am.

My Endo likes the dairy, blood stains and all (copied it from IP page or
Rick Mendoza's pages, can't remember which), much better than when I used
to keep my diary on an excel spread sheet.   The dairy really helps me
understand those mystery highs and lows...even when sometime they are still
a mystery.  Ninety percent of the time, I can trace an unexplained high
back to something I have eaten with high fat content.

Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL

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