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[IP] Re: My night time basal solution

> Started reading your posts on the possibility of crashing and
> rebounding while sleeping, and thought, what the heck its worth a try.  So
> lowered my dawn phenom basal back to 1.1 and I have had good morning bgs
> every day for a week!!!!!   YIPEEE!!!
> I adjusted my daytime basals down, but was upping the dawn phenom one to
offset the
> high am #s.  What I really needed to do apparently was put that dawn
phenom one down
> also, but it just seemed to defy logic to lower insulin with high bgs.

I know just what you are saying, especially the last statement. After months
of coping with highs where I never had problems before, I am finally
starting to get a handle on it. How?? By lowering basal and sometimes bolus
rates. It took me awhile to be convinced that the highs were caused by
rebounds because I often feel the low bgs, my basals are low anyway and I
was having problems at any time of the day. But my basals have gone from 8
units/day to 6.7 so far and I think I might still need to lower them
further. It's kind of surprising to do a basal test to correct for high bgs
and find out that you are crashing instead. I've also raised my goals to
90-140 pre-meal and 100-160 post-meal to try to eliminate most of the lows
and help raise my sensitivity to them.

pumping since 9/96, but never have consistent bgs

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