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Re: [IP] Belly Basals vs "Butt" basals???

> Renee,
> I was thinking the same thing about my basals, but the other way
> around. Yesterday, I switched from my belly to my upper rear and I
> fought lows all day. I've noticed this before when I use my
> backside. I think absorption varies from place to place on the body,
> and probably from person to person. It might be dependent on the
> amount of fat -- I have almost no abdominal fat, but plenty "back
> there."  :-)

A lot of the absorbtion difference may be in exactly where on the 
buttocks area the infusion site is placed. If placed directly over 
muscle tissue that moves a lot, the circulation in the skin will be 
better and the absorbtion quicker. If you can stay higher up, it 
should be more like the belly area (based on observing my 16yo).
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