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RE: [IP] Hospital stay to start on Pump

When I started on my pump, I met with a dietician a few days before starting
the pump to learn how to count carbs.  I'd been on the old "2 starches, 2
meats, 2 fruits" type of diet since being diagnosed in 1980.  On the day I
started pumping saline, I met with 2 nursed (who were trying to get
certified to be pump trainers) and a MiniMed trainer for 3 hours.  I had
gone over all the books the night before and the trainers were all amazed at
what I knew.  After being on saline for 3 days, I then switched to insulin.
I did this at my home with only the few hours of training before hand and
I'm getting along great.  Last week, I had another visit with my dietician
to go over some more training things.  I saw my endo's nurse practitioner 2
weeks ago and I will see my endo in 2 more weeks for a regular visit.  I
will see the dietician again in 3-4 months but am able to contact any of
these people if I have a problem.  I don't know about you guys, but I really
don't have the $$ to spend 2-3 days in the hospital.  To each his own.....


> Kornfeld, Avner wrote:
> > I disagree. For basal setting, a 'safe environment' like hospital does
> not
> > represent your day to day regular activities. For technical aspects on
> how
> > to use the pump, a 2-3 hours training is sufficient. I do not think
> hospital
> > stay is needed for "pump hookup".
	Natalie wrote: My pump start-up was outpatient -- a total of four
6-hour sessions,
> covering mechanics, carb-counting, trouble-shooting, several
> set-changes, and a lot of sitting around!
> Since I had already talked extensively to pumpers, watched them insert
> sets, read Pumping Insulin,  and had already taught myself
> carb-counting, a lot of it was review -- but I can see where it might be
> necessary for someone who was totally new to pumping.
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