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Re: [IP] thyroid and oops

Lori A. Willey wrote:
> Hello again to all,
> I have gotten two responses to my questions for advice, and I must
> apologize, I did not clearly state why my DR. wanted to remove it.  I have a
> normal thyroid, not hypo or hyper (if only diabetes was this easy!), but it
> has nodules on it, more so on the left side than the right.  I still see no
> reason to remove it, they aren't busting out my throat or anything
> disgusting!  <vbg> (Sorry, couldn't resist.  Its this insane sick humor we
> have as diabetics) :)

Well, first of all, I'd want to know if it's ONE nodule or a lot of
nodules. Your doc may be worried about them becoming cancerous, which is
more likely if you have only one, but can still happen if there are

Second, are they likely to keep on growing? An enlarged thyroid can be
uncomfortable -- and that can be a reason to remove it. 

I almost always have a choking feeling because of thyroid nodules -- my
doc told me I could have it removed (I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, an
auto-immune attack on the thyroid), but for the moment, I choose to
endure it.

I might change my mind later, if it gets unbearable, but at this point,
I don't want to undergo the major surgery it entails. Meanwhile, he will
keep an eye on it and if it starts to enlarge rapidly or develop signs
of cancer, then I'll do it!

Good luck! 
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