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Re: [IP] Hospital stay to start on Pump

Kornfeld, Avner wrote:
> I disagree. For basal setting, a 'safe environment' like hospital does not
> represent your day to day regular activities. For technical aspects on how
> to use the pump, a 2-3 hours training is sufficient. I do not think hospital
> stay is needed for "pump hookup".

My pump start-up was outpatient -- a total of four 6-hour sessions,
covering mechanics, carb-counting, trouble-shooting, several
set-changes, and a lot of sitting around!

Since I had already talked extensively to pumpers, watched them insert
sets, read Pumping Insulin,  and had already taught myself
carb-counting, a lot of it was review -- but I can see where it might be
necessary for someone who was totally new to pumping.

The reality was that I taught them as much as they taught me -- but they
were the ones who got a lot of money for it! 

They also insisted that I stay with someone overnight the first night on
insulin, in case of a hypo -- my brother had to come in and learn how to
do glucagon -- but it turned out not to be necessary. I gave away the
glucagon kit because it expires so fast, and since I live alone, it
wouldn't help in normal circumstances anyway!

I think, for a child, or someone who is extremely insulin-sensitive, an
overnight stay might not be a bad idea -- but for people who are already
well-controlled on shots and who know what insulin does in THEIR bodies,
it's not necessary. 


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