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RE: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #831

I find now that I'm on the pump, that I'm very stingy with my insulin.  I
don't want to use too much for boluses and that causes me to sometimes
rethink what I choose to eat for meals.  I do a MUCH better job of managing
my diabetes now than I ever did before.  (I'm the one that hadn't checked my
blood sugars for 7 years or more prior to starting my pump on December 19,
1999).  Good luck!!


> Hi,  does anyone out there have a problem cheating on the pump moreso than
> on 
> daily injections?  I have been having trouble doing what I am supposed to
> on 
> the pump.  I did just fine for about the first month or so but have been 
> quite laxed recently.  I am trying to lose weight and so I don't want to 
> really eat much and have to bolus any more than I should.  I have been
> good 
> today and hope to continue that way.  That, I guess, is the only way to go
> with a pump.  I could use some support.  Thanks.
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