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Re: [IP] My night time basal solution- thank you IP list!!

> Sorry, Tom, I'll try to explain clearer, I was just soooo excited this worked!
> Old Rates:
> 12 mid 0.8, bg usually about 120
> 3 am 1.6, bg usually 100
> 7am bg usually 250-350 range
> 10am 0.9, usually 250
> 12 noon bg back to 120
> 3pm 0.8, bg about 100
> New Rates:
> Only change was to lower the 3am change from 1.6 to 1.1.  Now I no longer 
> have the highs at 7am upon waking, but have been in 120-150 range.  Yes I do 
> have a dawn phenom, but was way overcompensating for it and by lowering down 
> to 1.1 at 3am the huge 7am readings have come down.
If you have good profile data (you should have), try using the tool on 
the howto page to adjust your basal rates. You put in the numbers for 
your current basal rates, you bg profile and your insulin sensitivity. 
You can then experiment with various proposed basal changes and see what 
the results might be.

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