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Re: [IP] depression / sense of humor

I think a lot of people have trouble talking about their feelings
regarding diabetes.  Let's face it, we all get depressed about it.  I
don't know exactly why it's so hard to share feelings about this thing.. 
sharing feelings does help relieve stress, but I think there's a point at
which an issue becomes so emotional, so all-encompassing, that it's hard
to find the words to express the feelings.  Diabetes is our *life* and
it's very personal.  Then there is also the idea that some people want to
hide their disease, and not talk about it, which of course is not
extremely hard to do with diabetes.

Anyway I hope we can get people talking more about their feelings 
about diabetes, it helps us all, especially those who need some extra
motivation and are just looking for an "in" to ask for help.

> > psychologically.  I have also read in an article (from the  ADA magazine -
> > Forecast) that there is definately a higher rate of depression among
> > diabetics. I wish people would write more about how they
> > felt about living with diabetes.  Thanks for sharing.
> > Lindsey

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