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[IP] My night time basal solution- thank you IP list!!

Just wanted to let everyone know of my nighttime basal problems lately, and 
the solution I tried from the list that worked - and it worked very very well.

I have been following the treads regarding adjusting nighttime basals and 
having very high morning bgs.  This has been my problem for the last few 
months.  My bgs were behaving quite nicely from about noon to bedtime 
100-150; seemed great at midnight check  usually around 100-120 and also at 
3am check - usually 100-120 again.  Then when I awoke at 7am, all h#@%!!! 
broke loose.  I'd wake up at 250-350 most mornings, try to bolus that down 
and eat/bolus at 1:7 ratio about 20 carbs at 9am, then spiked at 11am to 300 
again and back down by noon-1pm.

My CDE kept telling me to up my dawn phenom adjustment, which I did.  I was 
.8 or .9 most of the day/ then got it up to as high as 1.6 from 3am to 10am.  
It just kept getting worse in the mornings.  Then I got ahold of my old chart 
at the Drs office from when I started pumping in '95.  Back then my basals 
for dawn phenom were 1.1 and it was working fine, had 100-130 am bgs on 
waking.  Started reading your posts on the possibility of crashing and 
rebounding while sleeping, and thought, what the heck its worth a try.  So I 
lowered my dawn phenom basal back to 1.1 and I have had good morning bgs 
every day for a week!!!!!   YIPEEE!!!

By the way, started having these high am bgs when I'd been working out and 
lost about 15 lbs of fat.  I adjusted my daytime basals down, but was upping 
the dawn phenom one to offset the high am #s.  What I really needed to do 
apparently was put that dawn phenom one down also, but it just seemed to defy 
logic to lower insulin with high bgs.

Anyway, thank you all for suggesting this in enough posts so that someone as 
hard headed as me would finally listen.  This IP list is invaluable.  Thank 
you, thank you, thank you.

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