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Re: [IP] depression / sense of humor

At 08:25 AM 1/18/2000  email @ redacted wrote:
 >   Considering how "insane" trying to figure out diabetes can be, your
 >"insane sense of humor" has made reading your IP posts a delightful "port in
 >the storm!"

I've been a pun addict since age 4 or 5 and my son has (unfortunately) 
inherited this from me. To have us in the same room together can be very 
painful to the non-initiated. :-)

It's really interesting though, when I was diagnosed as Type 1 at age 37, I 
didn't go through any major mental trauma that I recall. I just remember 
accepting it and getting on with things... but then after 21 years, memory 
fades (at least mine does). Being an adult may have helped... I don't know 
(my wife may have a totally different assessment on the state of my 
adulthood, though <vbg>).

I do know that I've had problems with mood swings since I was a teen... so 
again, I can't really blame diabetes here either. The problem is that each 
of us is different... we handle stress and the slings and arrows of 
outrageous fortune differently too. The swings and errors of outrageous BGs 
really don't help either. :-)


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