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[IP] SOH and depression

> Subject: Re: [IP] depression and diabetes
> Warning: This is hard to read, but as advocates for our kids who still
> have (realistically) ??? years ahead of them of living with diabetes, I
> believe it's important to be aware of the insidious toll diabetes can be
> taking on their psyche too.....(not to mention good old mom's
> psyche!!!).... This particular "thread" at the Insulin Pumpers group
> keeps on "spinning", as it evokes memories from even those who've
> lived for diabetes for decades.
> Regards, Renee

I found a man to marry who also had a sense of humor. People who know me ask
how he can stand me with my humor. People who know him ask him how his wife
can stand his sense of humor. People who know US, well.... But when I was
dating I had read an article in Grit newspaper titled, Boys Don't Like Witty
Girls (in the '50s), therefore, I didn't talk to a guy until the 3rd date
thinking I'd open my mouth and blow it. Needless to say, I didn't get to
many 3rd dates. My hugsband was a blind date and got me to open up that
night (it was a triple date [6 of us] - safety in numbers) and I haven't
shut up since. 8-O
    But my *real* reason for this post is to comment again on the parents'
input to their children. I mentioned before that I'd rather laugh, it's too
easy to cry at the type of an @. Well, I do need to quit typing all those
@'s. Renee's post brought out the @ in me for the understanding and caring
of her daughter. I was so lonely and ignored all those years (it continues
via my family) that you have no idea how much even the slightest bit of
education you can gain for the benefit of your child(ren) can mean. BUT,
please do not ignore the emotional needs and attention your non-DM children
require. I never got praise for anything so I wouldn't *get the big head.*
    Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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