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[IP] weightlifting

I think it is important when sharing how exercise affects blood sugar to
mention how *other* exercise affects your blood sugar - ie. if you routinely
go high with exercise, then this probably would not happen to you!

I generally experience a sharp dip in the first 15 minutes of exercise which
levels out after that.  I suspend for running, aerobics, even fast walking
(4.0 mph) or walking uphill.  Horsebackriding for me still requires a slight
cut in basal (are you trotting, cantering?  it makes a difference!).

With weight lifting I also experience a dip, but a very mild one - almost
neglible.  I generally do 1/2 hour - 40 min of lifting at a time and
therefore do not worry about the slight drop (unless I plan to run or
something afterwards).  If I do plan to run later, or started at a lower
number than I'd like, then I use a 50% basal...

Susan, who finally went to the gym yesterday and the day before after a
MONTH of illness :) (flu-like but not the flu virus with high fever (7
days), rolled right into a sinus infection, then a stomach virus that was
thankfully only about 12-15 hours)

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