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Re: [IP] Lispro and infusion change

Moira, just try it.  It's a YMMV thing, but if its any consolation, I've
carefully monitored the time sites last on me with pure velosulin and pure
Humalog, and I get exactly the same duration (4-5 days) with either.  I
take 25- 30 U/day, so you may be more like me.  Some say they find a
difference, but you've got nothing to lose by trying.  It will surely make
bolusing easier to match your carbs if you use H.

<I'm about to start  humalog insulin in a minimed pump and at present only
<have to change my infusion set every 6-7 days. I've been reading rather
<depressing accounts of recommendations that sets should be changed every 48
<hrs . I think I'd rather stay on regular if this is the case . What have
<others found ? I take 26 units of regular daily.Many thanks,Moira

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