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Re: [IP] Lispro and infusion change


Moira Edge wrote:

> I'm about to start  humalog insulin in a minimed pump and at present only
> have to change my infusion set every 6-7 days. I've been reading rather
> depressing accounts of recommendations that sets should be changed every 48
> hrs . I think I'd rather stay on regular if this is the case . What have
> others found ? I take 26 units of regular daily.Many thanks,Moira
> ----------------------------------------------------------

I tried to use humalog in my pump for several months and consistently had it
"loose strength" at the third/fourth day.  I contacted the nurse who "started
me on pump insulin" and she too had a similar problem.  The humalog did NOT
loose strength; I injected it from what was left in the pump and it worked
fine.  (I can only guess that something was happening internally to the site
and absorbtion)

I tried mixing the humalog with velosulin and regular which worked better
though not enough to make it worthwhile (for me).

The recommendations have always been (officially) change every 2 or 3 day
max.... (Is that anything like never reuse syringes or lancets? <big grin>)

It's been a long time since syringes have bothered me, SO I choose to use the
pump for basal and bolus injected humalog....

If I had to change the infusion set every 2 or 3 days, I would choose to go
back to injections all the time.

Yes, I do enjoy the flexibility of skipping meals, not chasing the insulin, and
enjoying unexpected treats.... BUT I had that long before I started using a

The only thing I would miss is not having to get up so I can sleep-in......

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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