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[IP] Low blood sugar

In a message dated 01/18/2000 5:23:48 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 My brother, my mother, and to some extent me, all have this. We have
 never been told that we have any form of DM (although it runs in the
 family). In fact we have been told this happens because our blood sugar
 gets low (so we must be producing plenty of insulin).  Not low enough to
 be classified as hypoglycemic though, I have tested myself in this
 condition at 79. I don't know whether this might mean we could become
 hypoglycemic later, or even if we could become diabetic later, but we
 aren't right now. >>

This also happens to me quite often.  I have read somewhere that this often 
happens prior to a Type 2 dx.  We have lots of type 2 diabetics on both sides 
of my family,  and an uncle (mother's brother)0 is type 1.  The reason I am 
on the list is because my daughter is Type 1.  However, I know I have the 
potential to become type 2.

In type 2  diabetics they often do secrete an abundance of insulin, there is 
just a lack of absorbtion.  So I assume that is what is happening.  I 
wouldn't say it is diabetes until dx'd, however, I would encourage taking 
good care and eating the proper foods.  This could be a warning for you!
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