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Re: [IP] Weight training, or pumping while pumping

In a message dated 01/18/2000 8:58:53 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

I've been pumping insulin while pumping iron since last September.  While I'm 
not Mrs. Muscles yet, I have seen great results.  I spend about 1 hr, 3x week 
lifting. Upper body one day, aerobics the next day, lower body next day, 
aerobics, etc.

My bgs are very stable while lifting.  I don't shut off my pump or even lower 
the basal. I do make sure my bg is around 150 when I start, and I go about an 
hour after lunch so I have food working while I'm there.  Post work-outs have 
been quite stable, usually in the same range I started with.  But, I have 
noticed about 5 hrs post-workout that I need a lower basal (sometimes as much 
as 50% lower) for about 3-4 hrs. The aerobic days are a whole other story 

Best of luck,

<< As Andrea is getting into weight training for track season, we were 
 how weight training (aboout 1 hour at a time) affects blood sugars.  Is it 
 more like horseback riding - where she leaves her pump on -- or is it more 
 like running - where the pump comes off?? Right now she's leaving the pump 
 connected and it seems to be working.  Any consensus out there???
 Liz B
 Andrea's mom -- who resisted the temptation to talk about pumping iron and 
 pumping insulin until this moment. >>
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