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Re: [IP] depression and diabetes

   Thank YOU for writing & sharing...I passed your insightful post on to many 
of my cyberpals in the diabetes community, with the following introduction:
    Greetings all:
     Warning: This is hard to read, but as advocates for our kids who still 
have (realistically) ??? years ahead of them of living with diabetes, I 
believe it's important to be aware of the insidious toll diabetes can be 
taking on their psyche too.....(not to mention good old mom's psyche!!!)....I 
hadn't realized how much Melissa WASN'T sharing with me, for fear of 
upsetting me....and for a child, that's a heavy burden to bear alone....This 
particular "thread" at the Insulin Pumpers group keeps on "spinning", as it 
evokes memories from even those who've lived for diabetes for decades......I 
try to interject their sage comments whenever Melissa's "sighs" indicate that 
she too has "had it" at that moment, & needs reassurance that her sentiments 
are shared by others......
Regards, Renee
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