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Re: [IP] New to list Pixie

Hi Debra,

>Pixie, I too used pills as a "Type II" for 2 years with poor control.

Yippeee, I'm not the only type II about to pump or pumping!:) The flu last
mth stoppedthe pills from working for me. Are there alot of Type II's who

> As my insulin requirements grew my endo "offered" the pump and I have
> never been happieror healthier!

In the 14 yrs since I was last on insulin, my insulin requirements have
massively increased (fivefold actually) as I've become more resistant and my
friend is an RN and health educator was shocked that someone as small as me
(I'm only 4'11" and 125 lbs) needed 12 units of N and as much as 20 units of
humalog a day (I'm on a 10g/1unit ratio) and even that doesn't quite work
all the time. I also just learned to count carbs and love it. I also need to
lose 10 lbs before I have a child and am constantly feeding lows so it's not
going so well.

I just really need a change, 4-6 shots a day is too much and I'm all bruised
up and sore from all the shots and my endo sugested the pump. After finding
out my insurance will cover the pump, I really feel I have little choice, no
matter how scary it is to me. Besides, my mother died from diabetes
complications and I vowed to not follow her path, so I have to do whatever
is going to improve the length and quality of my life.

I think I've made up my mind- I need to say yes to the Dr's suggestion that
I pump:)


                   /\___/\    ((
                  \`@_@'/  ))
Randi "Pixie" Bruner
Moderator Camarilla IRC

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