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[IP] Test Strips, blotches, etc.

Hi Todd,

When I was still using he softsets I use to get red blotches under those
strips too.  I just started taking the little patches off of the softset
before inserting and that eliminated the irritation.  You can also try
inserting through another piece of tape.

As far as test strips, I do not have Aetna insurance but with my insurance I
do have (b/c b/s Alliance of Missouri) they were charging me a copayment for
every 100 strips.  According to them 100 strips was all that was allowed on
1 prescription copayment.  Well, I didn't think this was fair, sent them a
letter arguing that they had no right to tell me that a 100 strips was a 30
day supply (which was what the copay was suppose to be for)  They took it to
second level grievance where a doctor reviewed it and lo and behold they now
cover what my doctor prescribed for one month which is 300 test strips for 1
copayment.  So, you definitely may want to fight them on this one.

As far as site changes if you do not have any irritation and the site looks
fine, there is no reason not to go longer than 3 days, just make sure you
keep a close eye on your site.  I have had some sites last 4 to 5 days and
others that didn't last through 2.  You just need to be careful.

Hope this helps.

Take care.


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