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[IP] Pills and Debra

Debra Apple wrote:
> Pixie, I too used pills as a "Type II" for 2 years with poor control.  Then
> medications due to asthma caused me to use insulin coverage for 6 months,
> then I was on glucophage.   That lasted until I finally tested---denialfor
> months--and then I jumped on the band wagon with MDI.  

Hi, Debbie,

Sounds VERY familiar, except that I'm sorry you had to endure that poor
control for so long! :(

I was on the pills for only 5 months (with deteriorating control) before
I started on insulin, but I can tell you that those 5 months were HELL
and I NEVER want to relive anything like that again!

I read an interesting tidbit recently that said that adults with
slow-onset Type 1 may NOT be thin when diagnosed, especially if
diagnosed early. 

I wasn't thin when diagnosed -- actually right on the borderline of
obesity at BMI 30. So it was natural for the docs to treat me as an
ordinary Type 2. But over the last 6 years, I've lost 30 lb. (down to
BMI 25.2) and if I were a classic Type 2, that should have made a
difference in control, and it hasn't. I definitely need insulin. 

So I might be a slow-onset Type 1, or else I have some weird,
NON-classic variety of Type 2 -- it's gotten to the point that I don't
care. I just care whether I can control my BGs and be comfortable!

Good luck! 
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