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Re: [IP] weight loss/pumping

email @ redacted wrote:
> I was the complete opposite after I went on the pump...I gained 20 lbs in 6
> months after going on the pump!  Of course, it was because I was eating foods
> with a lot of carbs, thinking I was being healthy, and in fact I was just
> packing on the pounds!  

I've been on the pump almost a year, and my weight has held absolutely
steady. (I'd like to lose 10 lb. but oh well!!!)

But you bring up a good point. I think the American public has been sold
a bill of goods. The idea that low fat eating = weight loss is clearly
false. There are a few details missing.

The American Heart Association says that it advocates low-fat eating
because of the association between saturated fat and cholesterol levels.
However, it doesn't acknowledge the association between carbs and
triglyceride levels.

In addition, if low-fat eating encourages obesity, you're merely trading
one risk factor for another -- not a particularly good deal, seems to

The other thing that strikes me is that dietitians quoted in the media
criticize low-carb diets, saying they are nutritionally unbalanced, but
one of the things Dr. Bernstein, an advocate of low-carbing for
diabetics, INSISTS on is getting a lot of fiber from low-carb
vegetables.  Low-carbing is NOT a free ticket to eat nothing but
saturated fat!

Personally, I do neither low-fat nor low-carb dieting -- I have too many
food issues to deal with -- but if I WAS going to make that kind of
choice, I think I'd go the low-carb route rather than the low-fat route.
I really don't think fat is the enemy!

One of the things I have observed is that my BGs are easier to control
when I have a moderate amount of fat/protein at each meal. The spike
isn't as high and the plunge not so drastic. 

I use olive oil for cooking and salads -- olive oil and Japanese sushi
vinegar (using equal instead of sugar for sweetening) is delicious. I
use 1% milk, but I do eat meat and eggs. Just not often or in huge

A goal is to eat more whole-grain breads, and less white rice, pasta,
and potatoes! 

My cholesterol numbers are the best EVER -- I have a family history of
early heart disease and high cholesterol -- I've found that controlling
BGs ALSO has an effect on lipids. For me, the hardest one to control is
triglycerides -- that's a carb problem, not a fat problem!

Anyway, I don't mean to preach (If I were a preacher I'd have to follow
my own teachings!!!!), but it really is something to think about!

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