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[IP] depression / sense of humor

> I have noticed that since my
> daughter became diabetic 2 years ago, she has become more serious and
> prone to getting stressed out
> My sister-in-law and brother in law have both been diabetic since they
> were young kids, they are now in their mid 40s, and they are both
> the most "serious" people in the family.  Actually, my sister in law is
> actually depressed and needs to be on something.  When my daughter was
> diagnosed 2 years ago, my husband (who grew up with diabetes and knows
> it well from watching his siblings deal with it) was most concerned about
> disease destroying our wonderful daughter's spirit; this disease is
> psychologically.  I have also read in an article (from the  ADA magazine -
> Forecast) that there is definately a higher rate of depression among
> diabetics. I wish people would write more about how they
> felt about living with diabetes.  Thanks for sharing.
> Lindsey

My best coping skill is a sense of humor. I remember making my first pun
when I was 3. A SOH does run in the family so I don't know if some people
cannot develop one. I have been depressed and even in an emotional care unit
for a 2-week period about 10 years ago . I realized I had to rekindle that
SOH to cope. I was on medication for about 10 years and have recently been
able to wean myself off mainly because I met a *match* of wits on another
list and we often go off topic causing most of the list to ROFL and get
those *juices* flowing. There are others on the list who said because of a
very trying time recently they could not have coped through the fall without
all the hilarity. My biggest cause of depression is because of the rejection
from my family (starting at age 6 mos) -- and DM surely does not help.
    Look for anything funny - and learn to laugh at yourself. I would rather
laugh than cry - it's too easy to cry at the type of an @. YMMV 8^D
    Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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