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[IP] Scary to Pixie

> I really needed and appreciate the support of
> experienced peers. Insulin's new to me again and pumps well...seem great,
> altho scary still.
> Pixie

I recall agonizing over inserting that first infusion set knowing it would
not come out for 3-4 days. This was after a year of trying to decide whether
or not to go on the pump -- it was scary. That was16.5 years ago and would
not choose to go back to shots. Life is so different pumping. Now I'm going
through a similar *scary* choice -- that of a kidney/pancreas transplant
(KPTX). With kidney function now at 23% and feeling yucky most of the time
because the toxins are not being flushed out (yeah, I'm full of it), members
of another list I'm on are encouraging me to go for it. They are saying even
though a different set of *problems* come with it, they would do it again,
too. So, Pixie, I'm where you are again. 8^(  8^)
    Go for it!
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50)

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