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[IP] new name:-)

hey all--
 If I've talked to you on IM, you know how I felt
about the past week...control is decent, staying under
300 seeing a lot more lows than I like...feeling like
I'm back on shots..then the nights and highs, I basal
tested....ended up 10pts higher than I started, with a
nice big spike in between..so i upped my basal by 0.1
from 9 pm to 12am....
 Just had to share last night, first off I'm stressed
as hech over some other things going on in life, and
last night jsut couldn't get up and stay up
(bg)....meter said 69, 5 mins later it said 110..that
itself is frustrating...before i go to bed it say
s90....that was 11pm....still awake at 12am..sweating
up a storm and it's freezing outside...intution..I can
never fall asleep if I'm low..I'm 31..even spilled oj
on my self.... 112 at 3am, and wake up at 6am 377...
 I learned..just don't ask why! But jeez, this is
crazy! Sorry, too stressed to deal with lows, that now
I'm hating them..so  how's this for a new name..not
redheadtwin.. frustrated redhead pumper...??:-)
 still liking the pump:-)
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