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Re: [IP] depression and diabetes

I don't know if this will be helpful, but I have noticed that since my 
daughter became diabetic 2 years ago, she has become more serious and prone 
to getting stressed out.  I, the mom, am also more prone to mild depression; 
partly due to an ongoing grieving process which has not finished itself yet.  
My sister-in-law and brother in law have both been diabetic since they were 
young kids, they are now in their mid 40s, and they are both definately the 
most "serious" people in the family.  Actually, my sister in law is actually 
depressed and needs to be on something.  When my daughter was diagnosed 2 
years ago, my husband (who grew up with diabetes and knows it well from 
watching his siblings deal with it) was most concerned about the disease 
destroying our wonderful daughter's spirit; this disease is relentless 
psychologically.  I have also read in an article (from the  ADA magazine - 
Forecast) that there is definately a higher rate of depression among 
diabetics.  I encourage you to find a drug that works for you.  My sister 
tried Zoloft and it made her nervous and interupted her sleep.  My heart goes 
out to anyone who is diabetic.  I am trying to learn to live with diabetes 
myself; I still can't believe my kid got it, I worry constantly about her 
quality of life and future, I am frustrated by unexplained high numbers, and 
I fully realize that I must set an optomistic tone for her to be casual and 
minimize it in her own mind.  Babe, it ain't easy!  Just saw the movie "The 
Hurricane" which was a good example of using one's mind to overcome 
adversity.  Hang in there.  I wish people would write more about how they 
felt about living with diabetes.  Thanks for sharing.
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