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Re: [IP] diabetes is diabetes(NOT!!)

denise poole wrote:
> Well not in this case anyway. My sister is so jealous of me she is actually
> jealous of my DM. Can you believe that?! She had the nerve to tell my best
> friend that she had diabetes too, just not as bad as me, she can control hers
> by diet! Now this really made me extremely angry because she DOES NOT have
> diabetes of any type!! I even took her to the hospital with my youngest son to
> be tested for the antibodies. She had tried to tell me that her Dr told her
> the shakiness she experienced from going too long without eating were a form
> of DM. Maybe I am misinformed?

I feel really sorry for your sister. She probably feels like the
neglected sibling, thinks you're getting the lion's share of care and
concern, and wishes SHE could get some of the attention! :( It's too bad
she's trying to get attention in this way. 

What she may have is reactive hypoglycemia -- some people DO get hypo
symptoms 4 - 5 hours after eating if they've eaten a meal too high in
carbs and too low in fat/protein. 

In some people, this is a precursor of Type 2 diabetes -- the doc may
have said this, and your sister heard it as a form of diabetes.

Is there any Type 2 in your family? Is your sister overweight? She
SHOULD be screened regularly for Type 2 if these risk factors apply. 

Meanwhile, it seems to me that you might want to try to communicate to
her that you understand her feelings -- she's a worthwhile person too,
and needs to be appreciated and cared for in her own right, not because
she does/doesn't have diabetes!

Good luck, 
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