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[IP] sof-serter & kids

Those of you have children on the pump....do any of you feel it's not 
necessary to use EMLA or equivalent when using the Sof-serter?  We're 
trying to get better prepared for pumping...with options and questions we 
may have for our CDE.  Anthony is 11 and has an ample supply of body fat in 
his abdominal area.

Hi Sue - Adam is 4 and we have done 2 insertions with the micro soft set
and sof-serter and no EMLA and he has been fine - said it did not hurt. I
did it to myself twice and it did not hurt, so we thought we would try it
without (insurance does not cover emla - could get pricey!) He is pumping
saline as of tonight, and will be pumping for real next week!


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