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[IP] Just venting

Hi all.

Just feel the need to vent a little tonight.  I am a thin person, 5'2"  105 
lbs., and  love pumping but am having some trouble finding comfortable spots 
to put the soft sets.  I just changed over to the micros  a week ago and they 
do seem a bit better.  

I like the stomache, but have some spots that I just can't use due to 3 
pregnancies and C-sections, so I am trying to find other places to put them 
so the stomach can rest.  Tried the upper buttock today, but pants brushing 
the set are  bothering me and just flexing the muscle too much doing daily 
chores seems to be making it sore.

Any advise?  I have worked hard over the years to get good muscle tone and be 
the "right" wieght and now I'm wishing for some padding :-(.  Anyway thanks 
for listenning.  You all are great!!!

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