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Re: [IP] irritation of site; change of site; first week report

> Hi.  I've been on the pump for a week now, and have a few basic
> questions.
> 1) When I changed the site yesterday, the skin under the two tabs
> was red and blotchy (it had itched since the day before).  I'm using
> the Minimed softset and softserter.  Is there anything I can do to
> prevent the red blotches?  If you get them, do you treat them inany
> way, or just wait for them to go away on their own?
You are allergic to the adhesive on the set. Put a piece of IV3000 
down first and insert through the tape. This will protect you from 
the adhesive on the set.

> 2) How often do most of you change the site?  I'm wondering about
> going 3 1/2 days each (rather than 3) simply so that I do it on the
> same days of the week.  What do you folks think?
See the about page of the web site. We collect statistics on this 
subject. Answer -- avg 3 days. My daughter (pumping 5 years) changes 
every 3rd and 4th day, but she is in the minority.
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